Macramé Rules - Cotton and Cord X Hooked in Cotton

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Macramé Rules - Cotton and Cord X Hooked in Cotton

Macramé Rules - Macramé Guides for perfectly spaced knots! 

The perfect tool for those wanting to start their macramé hobby >>Warning it can be addictive <<

I am thrilled to offer these Macramé Rules by Hooked in Cotton. Myself and Claire have known each other for a few years now and met through the beautiful art of macramé (she knots and I provide the cord). Along her journey of teaching and inspiring others she saw the need for flexible guides to help create perfectly spaced knots - the rest is history and Macramé Rules was born. 

The perfect macramé makers set of rules to make PERFECTLY spaced rows of alternating square knots for wall hangings, yoga bag or strap, cushion wrap, market bag, beach bag, handbag or lampshade! SET OF FOUR to create 1,5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch or 3.5 inch spaces. The largest ruler has an inch and cm ruler on either long edge and instructions to help you make the most of this amazing tool!

Use to create perfectly spaced lines of horizontal clove hitch knots, perfectly aligned rows of alternating square knots or to measure your fringes! Saving you time and giving your precision for a professional look.

You also get access to FREE online tried and tested patterns including a mini lantern and yoga mat/beach bag combo produced by Hooked in Cotton.

PLEASE NOTE: No cord is included and the patterns are  DIGITAL accessed via a QR code. 

Why Macramé Rules?

We all get a little frustrated when lines aren't straight - even more important when you're adding a lantern ring and it doesn't sit quite right! Claire taught a left handed newbie and it was all thumbs! So thinking on the spot Claire picked up a business card and it made her life so much easier! There in grew the idea for Macramé rules.

How do I use Macramé Rules?

We have you covered with an illustration showing the cords that should be behind and in front of the rule - leader cords at the back and working cords in the front if you're doing alternating square knots! See project notes for the horizontal clove hitch knots!

Are these made of cardboard?

Macramé Rules are printed on amazing flexible material so they bend with your project. They're durable (unless you snip them with your scissors!). They're wipeable just in case you spill your coffee!

How long will they last?

Unless you snip them with your scissors they're pretty durable!

How many are a set?

This kit comes with four spacers to help you create perfect 1,5”, 2”, 3” and 3,5” spaces between your alternating square knot rows! 

How do I store them?

They have a hole on one end to tie them all together or to slip them onto an 'S' hook on your macramé rail while you are working! The packaging is gorgeous enough to keep them in too! Just use them! Don't feel you don't want to open them!

What quotes are on them?

There are a few quotes or statements on the cards - you'll have to wait until you receive them! Claires favourite that she shares with you is "one knot at a time brings your vision to life"! Can you relate? When you start a project and the cords are long and you're not in the rhythm and mindful groove you can feel a little despair! But honestly each knot gets you a little closer to your goal!

You mentioned being able to measure with them - how?

When you receive your pack you'll see there is an inch and a cm ruler on one of the spacers - ideal for that quick measurement when you can't reach your tape measure!

Do you ship internationally?

Cotton and Cord does not - but if you visit Hooked in Cotton Claire will dispatch your order directly and does ship internationally.


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