Bobbiny Cords: Read all about the different types of cords and how to use them

Bobbiny Cords: Read all about the different types of cords and how to use them

BRAIDED CORD - 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm

Braided - Bobbiny produce them in three sizes using the highest quality cotton thread. Caution- they cannot be brushed out!

Universal -  They work perfectly with various techniques and look beautiful in different projects. Good for beginners. They’re perfect for those taking up a new hobby, no matter if it’s crochet or macramé.

Junior 3mm  & Premium 5mm. These cords have a cotton core made of thread that ensures they keep their shape.

Jumbo 9mm. The jumbo cord has an extra polyester core to ensure it maintains it's stability when used on XXL projects. Perfect for chunky jewellery and available in 5m and 10m lengths from Cotton and Cord. 

MACRAMÉ CORDS - 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm and 9mm

Single Twist -  Bobbiny twist the softest cotton fibers together into four sizes of cords that you can later brush out.

Soft - These cords are super soft - The silky structure of the cotton thread guarantees a luxurious fringe that will please even the most advances maker. 

Single Twist or Single Ply cord can be utilised for a number of uses. Perfect for macramé wall hangings, delicate earings and ideal to use as part of a weaving project. 

3PLY MACRAMÉ ROPE - 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm and 9mm

Triple twist macramé rope - They are made by combining three separate single-twisted parts into a spiral. This unique structure provides a strong sturdy effect both within knots and when brushed out.

As with all Bobbiny cords they are very adaptable. They work perfectly not only for macramé projects but also for weaving, knitting, crochet and other techniques.

Solid -  Thanks to their structure the cords are both firm and soft. As they are less likely to unravel than single ply macrameé cord they are a gerat start for beginners. Little tip: tape the ends. Once brushed out these cords will porducte a crimped effect which can be irones if you want a straighter frindge.